1. Tracking Down Discrepancies

    David, Andy, and Tara have been trying to track down discrepancies between the quadcopter controller implementation and the Simulink model. With each discovered discrepancy, the model keeps getting better. Here is one example of where the quad code and model were performing the calculation for the complementary filter differently.

    This …

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  2. Simulink Model Update

    Andy and Tara have been working to flesh out the Simulink model of our quadcopter. They have obtained the measurements they need to physically describe the model, now they are finishing up the Simulink model. Here is an example output of the pitch position controller.

    This controller represents one of …

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  3. A new and flexible way to compute

    The controls team wants to start tuning the controller on the quadcopter; they also want to have the ability to modify the controller in order to better characterize each part. Currently, there is no way to do that except to re-write the code on the quad, which bleeds into their …

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  4. CLI Improved

    Jake and Kris have continued their work on the command line interface and have provided another sample of the most recent CLI functionality.

    This example shows some of the commands used to control the PID constants of the quadcopter. On the right top are the commands being executed; on the …

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  5. First pass of CLI

    One of our objectives on the Ground Station was to develop a command line interface to interact with the ground station back end. Kris and Jake have given us a sneak peek into the CLI they are developing.

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  6. Measuring Moment of Inertia

    In order to develop our physical model of the quadcopter, we need to know the moment of inertia around all axes of the quadcopter. After some unreliable results from our lab ECP machine, we needed a new method to measure the moment of inertia, and we decided to resort to …

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  7. Wi-Fi Latency Testing

    Historically, all wireless communication to the quadcopter has been accomplished through bluetooth. We've noticed that the bluetooth one-way latency was around 60-80 ms on average, which is not quite fast enough for our needs, especially if any control algorithm computations are to be performed on the ground station.

    David took …

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